Monday, June 29, 2009

Click here to read 4 new pages!

There would have been more pages this week, but we took the liberty to prioritize the lovely weather and the company of some other comic artists (the adorable Styggelse and awesome Karrey to be precise - check them out!). Hopefully you'll forgive us. ;)

Oh, and for those who are new - don't forget about our Facebook page. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

1) Four new pages of What Birds Know are up! Click here to read them.

2) We'd like to get a better idea of who's reading our comic, if possible. :) Why don't you introduce yourself in the comments section? You don't have to write a lot if you don't want to - just age, location and other comics (online and/or printed) that you enjoy will do. :) You don't need to have your own blog to comment! Just drop a few lines if you feel like it. We're curious!

3) Forgot to post this last week or if it was the week before: when little Elia and her mother are having tea with the fancy ladies, Elia is seen playing with a poodle. This is actually an homage (okay, "homage"... totally not the right word but...) to a panel in the Selma Lagerlöf comic, where the main character acts as a vet for a poor sick poodle. Fun fact of the day!

Click here to see a comparison!

It also amused Emelie that she got to name a Photoshop layer "Fluffpudel" twice in a lifetime. ^__^

Monday, June 8, 2009

WBK update + print!

Click here for 5 new pages, 349-353! Yay for crossing the 350 line! :D (Ian: "What is it with women and tea?? Isn't it obvious that I'm a coffee person?")

As you may notice, the first page of this update is the last page of the scene where we left off last week. Since we didn't manage to update with 5 pages last week we've gotten a little out of sync with the scenes vs the updates. And this week it's the same thing - there's supposed to be one more page of the camp fire scene, but we didn't manage to finish it on time so it will be up next week instead. :P Hopefully this will correct itself eventually. Not that it really matters, but I guess it's practical to read a whole scene at once.

Oh, and the Selma comic has been published now! It can be bought directly from us for 90 SEK + shipping within the country. (For some reason we doubt anyone outside Sweden will be interested, but if you happen to be... contact us on fribergthorelli at gmail dot com for details! :))