Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's May now...

...and as promised, we're BACK!

Our commission has now been finished (final product will be available in mid-May, probably) and we can finally get back to What Birds Know. Again, we're sorry that we've kept you waiting, but from now on (at least until the next distraction comes our way... *cough*) we hope we'll be able to update regularly again. Yay! :D

Here you go, five new pages. Cleavage is included.


Since it's been a while since the last update...

Previously on WBK: The girls got into an argument, Dores' feelings were hurt and we found out about her childhood and how she'd always been unfairly compared to her brother. After the fight the girls made up again... at least for a while. Ian and his two buddies went to the tavern so that Ian could get his prize for winning the bet earlier, and there Ian got an offer he couldn't refuse, but it all became very awkward when the lady he tried to buy for the night turned out to be Elia's mother. Then we met three little girls who had the same nightmare. Outside their window was the old castle in a non-ruin state. Huh.

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